879501 Charleston Waterfront Mural Large
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879501 Charleston Waterfront Mural Large

Item# 879501
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BooknameMural Portfolio
Dimensions9 ft tall x 15 ft wide
MaterialSolid Vinyl, Prepasted, Strippable
10 panels each 18 inches wide, easy to hang.


This mural features the lovely town of Charleston showing buildings along the waterfront that are also reflected in the water. This is sure to add a peaceful and serene element to any room in your home.

It looks like the sun is just starting to set over the town, and you can still see the gorgeous blue sky. The buildings add a rainbow of color, and the water shows not even a ripple, indicating a calm, still evening. Some buildings have their lights turned on as the day outside darkens. The reflection of the buildings can be seen in the water, lined by a brick wall and metal railings.

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